I work with talented teaching artists to develop curriculum designed around the themes provided, facilitated drama-based activities and exercises to encourage students of all ages to perform through live theatre.

At Christ Fellowship, I led a safe, fun, meaningful, and engaging worship experience for children during weekend services as the Education Coordinator. I developed and equipped a ministry partner (volunteer) team of 80+ dedicated people. I also coordinated Core elementary planning and developed curriculum for six campuses, including a bilingual service. For three years I was able to establish and maintain relationships with kids and parents, while also fostering community and communication among volunteers.

Developed arts-integrated, process-driven curriculum for students with autism, as well as students with behavioral and emotional disorders. Provided support and opportunities to children with individual needs while also promoting social skills inside and outside of the classroom through theatre.

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While in partnership with

Children's Impact Network, I worked with a wonderful team of University students to create bilingual curriculum and programming for a tour of fifteen schools from preschools to high schools all across impoverished cities in the mountains of Honduras. 

I developed curriculum designed around the themes provided, facilitated theatre-based activities and exercises to encourage students from 3rd-10th grade to perform through live theatre, as well as through digital media projects in which
they are led to write, direct, and act within.

In my teaching experience, I have had the pleasure of instructing people of different ages, different socio-economic backgrounds, and a variety of different behavioral, mental, or social capabilities. I pride myself in my ability to see every student as an individual and create curriculum that allows them to thrive in the classroom and onstage.